While I am no expert in wedding planning, since we just rounded out our weddings for the season, I wanted to share some tips of the trade I’ve learned along the way.  The first Wednesday of each month I plan to feature a different aspect in the wedding planning process.  I thought I would kick-off this series with one of my favorite topics: Engagement Photos!


Outfit details: dress (sold out; other options here and here) // shoes (similar here and here)


Truth be told, I was definitely a bit more excited about these photos than my future hubby. In prepping, I chose what I thought would be a cool, breezy fall afternoon at the end of September…I was all wrong!  On a hot, sunny day nearing almost 98F my fiance and I met our photographer at a bar near Central Park before we entered the swarms and swarms of tourists who had the same idea – it was a real treat, ha!  Here are some of the top tips when it comes to taking your engagement photos!

Choose a location that means something to you as a couple.  We knew that we wanted to get married in RI (my home state and where B and I both went to college), so to mix things up I decided to have our engagement photos taken a few blocks away from our then-apartment in Central Park. This way, I knew that between the engagement and wedding pics  we would have a nice mix of both city and water shots.

Chat with your photographer beforehand.  This is a biggie.  You spend so much time selecting a photographer based off of weddings you’ve been stalking for years, that when it’s your time around you should take a moment to chat with him/her and really lay out what you’re looking for.  Send examples of styles and shots that you love so he/she has an idea of what you are looking for.  Believe me, there is nothing worse than sweating among throngs of tourists for four hours only to realize you barely took any photos of the two of you both looking at the camera.  Communication is key!

Wear something you are comfortable in.  I knew that this was finally my time to be a bride and wanted to wear a white dress, so I did my due diligence and found one that was not only white, but comfortable and flattering.  There is a lot of walking, potentially sweating and smooching, so you want to feel good nonetheless.

Loosen up.  Remember when I said that we met our photographer at a bar?  Her meeting point was intentionally strategic!  She insisted that since we are not professional models of sorts, we should most definitely start by having a drink.  No everyday person is used to smiling/kissing/posing for that length of a time in front of so many strangers.  Loosen up and relax!

Enjoy the process!

PS.  If you’re looking for the perfect engagement shoot dress, I really love this one, this one, this one and this one.  If you’re looking for something non-white, I also love this dress, this dress, and this dress.  Pair it with these shoes, these shoes or these.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for engagement photo sessions? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


*All images credited to Keri Blair Photography


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