Holiday Travel Packing Tips

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Packing for the holidays can be extremely stressful.  From gifts, to festive outfits to just the everyday essentials, there is a lot to remember!  Luckily, we spend most of the holidays on the road and I have become a master at packing for these trips.

Take a quick look into how I pack for the holidays while traveling.

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Jaimie is an East Coast Lifestyle Blogger.


It is no secret that B and I love to travel.  But with lots of travel can come stressful packing situations – from what to bring to how much you can fit into your bag.  Quick fun fact: with all of our travels, I have become so good at packing that I haven’t checked a bag at the airport in over eight years!  (One dramatic luggage failure will scar you enough that you learn how to optimize a good carry-on!)  Needless to say, you’re in good hands and I have the perfect packing essentials you need for a weekend away.  Continue reading “PACKING ESSENTIALS: THE PERFECT WEEKENDER BAG”

Jaimie is an East Coast Lifestyle Blogger.