Game Day Snacks

Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP: one of my fave game day snacks (and guilt-free!)

I love the Super Bowl.  Most people watch for the game (which I am definitely excited for this year) but I mostly get excited for the party and the amazing food that comes along with it.  In prep for our Super Bowl party this year, I wanted to share with you my game day menu and all of the essentials when it comes to a delicious gathering.

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In the Kitchen: Easy Lentil Soup In the Kitchen: Easy Lentil Soup  In the Kitchen: Easy Lentil SoupIn the Kitchen: Easy Lentil Soup In the Kitchen: Easy Lentil Soup

Let me start by saying that I never even tried lentils until probably about two years ago.  I always knew that they were good for me, but never actually tried them – they always had a strange stigma attached to them, similar to people’s thoughts on Brussels sprouts, until you try them and love them!  That’s how I always felt about lentils, and I also always assumed they were such a process to make, but I was so wrong.  This easy lentil soup took me under 15 minutes, cost me under $15 and was so easy to make and it’s so healthy!  I hope you try it, too!

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Jaimie is an East Coast Lifestyle Blogger.