I am so excited to share my Nantucket travel guide with you today!    

Nantucket truly has a piece of my heart and I love so much about this little island.  From the food to the streets and houses to the beaches, there is so much charm I could bottle it up and carry it with me.  Whether you visit for a day (it’s possible!), a long weekend or a week, I promise you will leave just as in love with the place as I am.  Without further ado, here are some of my top reco’s for your next trip.


Nantucket Travel Guide
Lunch at Claudette’s


Cru – this is quintessential Nantucket.  It is on the water and although it’s a bit pricey, if you have never been to ACK, you have to go and get the lobster roll.  The water views and food are worth every penny.

Straight Wharf – we have been here for drinks at the bar, but dinnertime looks unreal.  It is completely dark and all lit by candlelight, very romantic.

Millie’s – if you head to Madaket Beach for the day, do yourself a favor and take a break to sit outside at Millie’s for fish tacos!  This place is just delicious.  The tuna poke was also incredible.

Galley Beach – this place was made for sunsets.  It is situated directly on the beach and the outdoor seating is magical.  Swing by for dinner or come for a cocktail and sit directly on the beach.  You can’t beat it.

Ventuno – if you talk to someone about ACK restaurant reco’s, chances are they will tell you Ventuno.  Though I’ve never been, I am dying to try this Italian spot based off of rave reviews alone!

Nantucket Travel Guide
Sunset at Galley Beach


Cisco Brewery – this is a can’t miss.  From the live music to the food trucks and raw bar to the frose, distillery and the beer.  Cisco is such a fun and exciting place to visit and you’ll be glad you went.  Take an Uber/Taxi OR grab the FREE shuttle from downtown!  It’s so easy and even allows dogs!

Juice Bar Ice Cream –  if you’ve been to Nantucket, this is a no-brainer.  If you’ve never been to ACK, this is a must.  Don’t let the long line deter you, it moves quickly and is the perfect touch for your summer vaca!

Handlebar Cafe – if you need coffee or some quick wifi, this is the spot.  They’re also really sustainable with all of their products, which makes me love them even more.

Nantucket Travel Guide


‘Sconset Beach – this place felt like it was out of a movie.  For me, it couldn’t get any better.  In addition to the beach, head to ‘Sconset Market for their blueberry muffins (if you’re lucky to snag some before they sell out!), Claudette’s for lunch (get the turkey salad sandwich!) and then head to the Bluff Walk to take in the beautiful sights and incredible houses.

Madaket Beach – this is my second fave beach.  I love how open and clean all of the beaches were and this one is no exception.  Like I mentioned earlier, relax at the beach then sneak away to Millie’s for fish tacos.  Too good to miss!  I’ve also heard dinner here is amazing.

Surfside Beach – This is definitely one of the most popular beaches and another great option.  The main event here is the snack bar.  They have a serious menu that veers away from the typical burger and fries.  Easy if you are traveling and can’t pack a cooler.

Jettie’s Beach – this spot is great if you’re staying downtown and want a beach that’s a bit closer and more accessible.  It’s about a mile walk or a quick taxi/Uber ride


…Speaking of accessibility, if you are staying on the island without a car (which I always do), getting around is very easy!  So many of the bars and restaurants are walking distance from any downtown hotel, otherwise just hop in a taxi or Uber.

For getting to the beach, take a taxi or Uber or….I recommend the bus!!  Now, I am not one for navigating my way through public transportation in a new place, but the bus system is so easy and picks you up from downtown and is $3 each way and drops you directly at the beach, plus you get to drive through different parts of the island!  Just grab a map and find out the pick-up locations, it’s so easy and I highly recommend it.


21 Broad – this place makes me happy.  It’s right in the heart of downtown, has an amazing free breakfast, beautiful new decor and can’t be beat.

76 Main – this is 21 Broad’s sister hotel and I imagine it is just as lovely.

Roberts Collection – I have had friends stay here and love it, another beautifully decorated and perfectly located spot.

The White Elephant – this place is a bit more pricey, but so beautiful.  They also have a pool, which is a nice break from the beach.  AND freshly baked cookies in the lobby after a long day!  Win win.

Did I miss anything? Please share your favorite ACK haunts in the comments below!  And always feel free to comment or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions! xx



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  1. Love this travel guide Jaimie. Can’t wait to visit the island in September. Now we will surely know where the hot spots are!

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