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It is no secret that I have a go-to holiday look. With over a handful of holiday gatherings plus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I have streamlined my wardrobe to mix and match my holiday looks to mix it up for each outing.

Here are some of my faves, check them out!

In order to make it through the holiday season looking festive and fashionable without breaking the bank, you need to be a bit strategic about your wardrobe.

I like to stick to a few festive tops (like this and this in red) paired with a cute pair of pants (like these and these) or a skirt (like this one and this).

Then, I love to top it off with a cute leather jacket (love this one and this one) and finish off the look with a cute pair of winter booties (love these and these), cute festive pumps or flats (like these).

When in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with anything plaid or velvet on top and a solid bottom to match. This look is always comfortable, festive and can transition from day to night, office to holiday party.

What is your go-to holiday look? Share in the comments below!

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