Leggings, tank, long-sleeve, sunglasseshat, sneakers

I can’t tell you how often I am in leggings and work-out clothes over the course of one week.  Sometimes I focus so much time on buying clothes and outfits for work, I quickly realize I literally live in athleisure 95% of the time I am not working.  With that being said, it’s so important that I invest in a few athleisue pieces that I know I will wear again and again.  I am sharing with you my favorite athleisure under $30!


There are so many amazing options without breaking the bank.  These are hands-down my favorite leggings.  I absolutely love these leggings (they have zip pockets, perfect for when you’re out on a run.)  These colorblock leggings are adorable.  Love the burgundy color of these for Fall.  These are so simple and so comfy.


This tank and this one are my two favorites I wear on rotation.  This tank is so cute and love all three colors it comes in.  I love the back of this one  and this one.  This is the perfect simple tank.  This side-tie tee is so popular and has the best fit.  This and this are the perfect light-weight long-sleeved tees to throw on in transit to the gym or outside in the brisk weather.


I love my sneaks, I wear them running, hiking, etc. without fail.  I also have my eye on these and these and love these high tops.


Leggings, Tank, Long-sleeve, sunglasseshat, sneakers

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