Meet Griffin!

We are so proud to introduce to you our pup, Griffin!

We rescued G last June and he has been such an amazing addition to our lives.

Let me back up just a bit – B and I both grew up with dogs (cocker spaniel for me, yellow lab for B) and always knew that eventually we wanted to get one.  Fast forward to May of 2016 when we seriously talked about how a dog could fit into our lives.  There was a lot to think about – from what breed to get to who will walk him to what to feed him, we had a big decision to make (non-dog owners may think I sound crazy!). Like any big decision, we started doing our research.  B found an amazing organization called Abandoned Angels that specializes in cocker spaniel rescues.  In addition, we attended an adoption event at our local pet store.  After much deliberating, we submitted an application to the org, but decided to table the process until the Fall/Winter months since I would be traveling for work the entire month of August.  Well, as luck would have it, just a few days later the organization reached out asking us for our help rescuing a handsome pup from Brooklyn…

It was a random Tuesday night when we got the text while still at work. At this point, we didn’t even own a dog bowl, let alone any essentials to own and take care of a new pup.  Nonetheless, we felt like this was our chance and we agreed to rescue him only a few hours later!  As soon as we had our extra furry boy, we made a mad dash to the pet store to get all of the essentials and the fun and love haven’t stopped since then!

If you are considering getting a pet, I encourage you to rescue.  We are so proud of our pup and he has brought us so much joy and to think there are so many other deserving pets out there looking for a forever home as well!  #adoptdontshop #rescuepup

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