It should come as no surprise that my first recipe post on this blog is homemade pizza.  I’ve tried my fair share of experimenting and I can finally say that I have mastered the art of homemade pizza making!  I’m not sure if it was the dough rising perfectly, the temperature of our new oven, or if we were extra hungry going into the meal, but it was delish from start to finish!  Read along and enjoy!


What you’ll need:

18 x 13 greased baking sheet


2 tbs olive oil

2 tbs minced garlic

4 tbs tomato sauce

1 lb dough

1 handful freshly picked basil

1 lb fresh mozzarella

½ lb protein of your choice (We used fresh sopressata we picked up at the butcher day of)

 Let’s do this:

First off, it’s very important to let dough your dough rise.  I typically lay it in a dish covered with a dish towel on the counter and let it rise for the day.

Next up, preheat your oven to 400F and grease your baking sheet liberally.  You don’t want your dough sticking to the pan – trust me, it will ruin your entire pizza!

Your next step will be the hardest; taking the pound of dough, slowly begin to stretch it from the center outward.  If it is too wet and sticky, feel free to add flour.  Continue to stretch the dough until it’s as close to the shape of the pan as possible.  Set the dough in the pan and take a fork to remove and air bubbles and continue to knead it to fit the surface.

Once the dough is in place, smooth olive oil, garlic and tomato sauce over the surface.  Sometimes I add red pepper flakes at this point for some added flavor, but that is totally optional.  Next, set your protein as desired.

Now it’s go time – place your pizza on the lowest rack for approx. 20min or until the bottom of your crust is golden brown. (Timing may vary based off of oven).

Once your crust is ready and a golden brown, remove pizza and line with fresh mozzarella and basil.  At this point, I usually reduce heat to approx.. 325F and slowly allow the cheese to melt without burning the basil.  Keep a close eye, this will usually take anywhere between 8-10min.

Once the cheese has melted, let pizza cool and serve.

Does anyone else love enjoying a homemade pizza with some red wine?  We found this red wine and love it, not only for its flavor but for its price point as well.

Buon Appetito!

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