Holiday Travel Packing Tips

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Packing for the holidays can be extremely stressful.  From gifts, to festive outfits to just the everyday essentials, there is a lot to remember!  Luckily, we spend most of the holidays on the road and I have become a master at packing for these trips.

Take a quick look into how I pack for the holidays while traveling.

Let’s do this! Divide and conquer.  I insist on organizing everything we are bringing based off of each stop we are making.  That means we divide up gifts for each family in separate bags beforehand so that when we arrive, we can spend time enjoying ourselves right out of the gate vs. shuffling around items in the trunk.  I use my Lands’ End canvas totes for literally everything from the gifts, to packing my clothes to the dog’s travel items.  They are large, durable and have an open top so I can fit as many gifts inside as possible.  Plus, they keep everything separate and organized, win win!

  1. Plan your outfits in advance.  I know in advance exactly what I plan on wearing each day that we are traveling.  Is your Christmas Eve formal and you opt for a cute top and skirt?  Is your Christmas morning cozy and you wear your favorite PJ’s? Do you plan on going chic but casual in jeans and a sweater on Christmas day?  These are all things to think about and plan ahead so that packing and getting dressed is streamlined and simple!
  2. Pack extra cozy items.  Christmas is hopefully a time that, at some point, you can unwind.  Pack the extra pair of leggings and cute pajamas, hopefully in all the hustle and bustle you will be pleasantly surprised and get some moments of relaxation, too!  There’s nothing worse than packing formal outfits and realizing you left your favorite comfy leggings and pullover at home.  (I would also opt to cozy up in this, this, these and these!)
  3. Bring the wine, not the app.  I have learned that traveling and bringing a food item can be tricky…better yet, nearly impossible.  It’s a nice gesture to offer to contribute to the meal, but ask if you can instead provide some wine or other non-perishable items that will make traveling easier and smoother on your end. And this might also be gladly accepted by your hostess who already has plenty of food!

Are you traveling this holiday season? What are some of your tips?


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