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J Outfit: Jacket//Scarf (similar)//Boots;  B Outfit: Coat//Jeans// Boots

Last year around this time, B and I made plans to take one jam-packed trip to visit Chicago & Notre Dame, San Diego and Seattle all in one fell swoop.  While it took some skillful packing (one carry-on each, three cities with different temps), we had such an amazing trip!  I wanted to share with you some of the highlights, which if I’m being completely honest, consisted of plenty of good meals and sightseeing.  First stop – Chi Town!

B and I first visited Chicago for a long weekend right after college graduation, so we wanted to make this trip different from the last.  Years back we were on more of a shoestring budget and determined to see every sight the city had to offer.  This time around, we took a deep dive into the city’s most talked about restaurants – no shocker there, ha!

We arrived late Thursday and immediately dropped our bags and headed for The Girl and the Goat.  This place was everything we hoped it’d be and lived up to the hype.  We sampled the escargot ravioli, wood oven roasted pig face (!!) and the chef even sent over sauteed green beans, which weren’t to be missed.  So so good.  We spent the next day visiting Navy Pier and Millennium Park and meeting friends for dinner downtown.

Our big highlight of the trip was taking the train to South Bend, Indiana for the Notre Dame/VA Tech game on Saturday.  It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and in between the travel and hail storms, it made for a great day trip!  Everyone was so friendly and being on campus was full of energy and bursting with Fighting Irish pride – it made me really wish I went to school with a big football team.

It was so so cold so I wore a TON of layers and made amazing use out of my warm winter coatblanket scarf and of course, L.L. Bean Duck boots!  I also found this top, this turtleneck, these leggings and these socks to be such lifesavers!

Next stop: San Diego!  Check back tomorrow for some more highlights.


J Outfit: Jacket//Scarf (similar)//Boots
B Outfit: Coat//Jeans// Boots




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