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After an amazing stay in Positano (read about it here) and a beautiful trip to Capri (here), today we are rounding up our Amalfi Coast trip with our visit to Ravello!


Our day trip to Ravello proved to be both gorgeous and slightly comical!  By Thursday, we were so exhausted from all the steps and walking, not to mention it was a bit overcast, we were contemplating staying local for the day…but what fun is that!?

We took our time with our morning ritual of a hearty breakfast consisting of omelets and homemade pizza (naturally), while sipping cappuccinos on our walk down to the ferry.  Now the thing about Ravello is that everyone says it’s a can’t miss, but the only catch is that it’s a little tricky to get to.  You must first take a ferry from Positano to Amalfi then board a bus up to Ravello, so that is just what we did.



As our departure time was nearing, the skies began to open up – it was a breezy and wet ride to Amalfi, but gorgeous nonetheless.  Next came the fun part.  We purchased our bus tickets from the local cigarelllo shop and then joined the throngs of locals all waiting for one bus – the bus to Ravello.  At this point, it was still sprinkling and we were thinking of cutting our losses and heading back, but we stuck it out.  One bus finally rolled up to the stop and we began to board with the locals – NYC subway style.  We continued to climb the mountainside and even pull over while the rain subsided until we finally ascended upon beautiful Ravello!

As we arrived, the sun starting to break through the clouds and let me tell you, it was one of the most picturesque scenes we have ever seen, simply vibrant.  Photos don’t do this place justice, actually photos don’t do the entire Amalfi Coast justice for that matter –  it’s like people say, being there is like existing in a photo.


We made our way up to the Famous Hotel Caruso to breathe in the air and colorful eyefuls of never-ending blues and greens.  We popped into shops and scooped up some pottery to bring home with us, including the one shop that Oprah frequents.



Once finished, we made our way to the highly recommended Cuma Cosima for lunch, an authentic Italian meal that could not have come soon enough – we were starving!  The restaurant was packed wall to wall with tables, each adorned with carafes of their homemade red wine.  We ordered the fresh mozzarella and tomatoes and a sampling of the homemade pasta, wow.  Each bite was delicious and the best part was when it was time to pay, the owner who looked like your average Italian Nonna stopped by our table, held B’s hand, gave the table one look over at what we ordered and proposed a final price tag for our meal – Tutto bene!








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