6 Tips for an Easier Morning Routine

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Since B gets up so early for work, I try my best to get up with him and be productive in the morning.  I will fully admit that getting up early does not come easily to me.  With that being said, here are 6 tips for a more productive morning routine.  And I will say, while it’s hard to get up initially, I am always so glad that I had that extra time to myself!

Whether you try one tip (or two!)  I hope you see what a difference it makes in your morning routine.

Let’s get started! 1.Lay out your clothes the night before//I know this one might sound elementary, but planning your outfit the night before makes for such a mindless decision in the morning.  It’s one less thing to think about and can save you from staring blankly at all of your options bleary-eyed trying to decide.  I usually keep it simple and opt for a quick dress (like this, this or this) and boots or booties

2.Go to the gym//I know it seems early, but I promise if you get in a quick work-out in the morning, not only will you feel energized, but it will done with!  After work you won’t have to stress about being too tired or trying to fit it into your evening, you can just enjoy and relax!  Try it, you’ll love it.  (P.S. Nothing makes working out that much better than a cute new top, leggings, sneaks and even water bottle.)

3.Drink water!//I know your initial instinct may be to reach for a cup of coffee to get moving, but try reaching for water instead.  Even add a little lemon for flavor.  Water will jumpstart your metabolism and hydrate you to be more alert from the very start of your day.  Sip on it while you get ready and at the gym.  I try to drink half my body weight in ounces every day, and this bottle helps me to keep track.

4.Set auto timer for coffee pot//Speaking of coffee, nothing saves more time than pre-setting your coffee pot timer the night before.  You wake-up to the smell and it’s ready to pour (after your water!)  I have this coffee pot, but have also been eyeing this one, have you tried it?

5.Wash your hair the night before//I shower twice a day.  It might seem excessive, but I do a quick rinse post-gym in the morning and then shower before bed, which is when I will wash my hair.  It saves me so much time in the morning and I also let it air dry so that I don’t have to worry about blowdrying it.

6.Plan you breakfast and make it easy// I swear I have told just about everyone about the new oatmeal I have been eating every morning.  It’s not only steel cut oats with flaxseed, but it’s quick and easy with a fill line to measure out the water!  I toss some berries on top and have a healthy, easy breakfast to start my day!

Do you have any tips for a more productive morning? I’d love to hear!


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