10 Best Drugstore Beauty Products Under $10

I am a drugstore beauty user through and through. I love a good beauty product at a great price, so drugstore finds are the perfect fit. For the most part (with some exceptions), my entire beauty regimen can be found in the aisles of the drugstore. I have rounded up my top 10 drugstore beauty products that I swear by for you below,  and they’re all under $10!  Take a look below!

FACE WASH//I started using Clean & Clear Morning Burst Face Wash after my roommate introduced it to me. I absolutely love starting my morning with this fresh, clean orange scent. It makes me feel refreshed and happy starting out my day with the smell and feel of this face wash!

FACE LOTION//I have probably been using Neutrogena face lotion since I was a teenager. It is a simple formula and contains SPF15, which is one of the biggest benefits this lotion offers. I put this on in the morning right after washing my face with Clean and Clear Morning Burst Face Wash, prior to applying my makeup.

MASCARA//I have only ever used CoverGirl Last Blast Volume Mascara. I have such short eyelashes, I need a formula that really sticks and gives me some volume. At times, I will also use the CoverGirl Last Blast Fusion, and love that too! To be honest, I alternate between the two depending on what’s on sale when I’m buying it. This is my go-to through and through.

LIP COLOR//I really want to break into the lip color space and I feel like Fall is a good time to try new lip colors. In the meantime, I swear by Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. I have worn this to so many events and weddings and get so many compliments. As I get older, I want to branch out and try more lipsticks, but for now Baby Lips is a great start and so cheap comparatively. I love this pink color – it’s smooth and non-drying on my lips and I will top it with a quick swipe of gloss to complete the look.

NAIL POLISH//It is no secret that I am an Essie fanatic. I pride myself in being able to guess anyone’s mani polish at any given time. Ha! I love Essie and usually alternate between my favorites of Ballet Slippers for a neutral clean mani, Fiji in the summer, and Bordeaux and After School Boy Blazer in the Fall. Essie can do no wrong in my book!

DRY SHAMPOO//When I first discovered Not Your Mother’s Dry Clean Freak Dry Shampoo with the amazing price tag, I felt like I had hit the lottery. I also bought this in the travel size to carry with me for post-gym and when travelling. The formula is light with a clean scent and does the trick whenever I’m in a pinch.

BODY LOTION//This past year I have become religious about applying body lotion after my shower every morning. I love this Jergen’s Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion. I don’t like using heavy scents, especially directly on my skin. This shea butter formula gives me just a nice hint of a scent and hydrates my body the whole day through.

FACE WIPES//I typically use these simple kind to skin cleansing face wipes mostly when I am traveling or after the gym. They are so easy to throw in your bag on the go and work just as well as washing your face. These simple face wipes don’t dry out your face and don’t make me break out or sting, like some alcohol-based wipes do. I am always so careful with what I use on my face, and find that these simple wipes are the perfect formula for me.

FACE SCRUB//Believe me when I tell you, I have tried so many face scrubs and always, always come back to St. Ives Face Scrub in Apricot. I try to use this about 2x a week in the shower to exfoliate. I love the scent and feel like it really does the trick.

FACE MASK//I love face masks. I have used everything from “high end” to drugstore, and have really enjoyed the feeling of Freeman’s oatmeal and avocado face mask. I will try to use this at least once a week if I can make the time for it, it’s so worth it. I especially love the clean smooth feeling once I rinse it off!

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Which drugstore beauty products do you swear by? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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